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I solve problems and write content.

Identify the Problems (Consultation)

Let’s do a SWOT analysis for better brand understanding.

Create Objectives (Planning)

Outline the goals and key performance indicators (KPI).

Map out the Solutions (Strategy)

Develop a campaign based on the problems and objectives.

16 years
of freelance experience

Gama Rae has a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts degree. She is well-versed in branding, graphics, and marketing principles. She is also a seasoned writer that explores different styles and industries. Her unique combination of copy and graphics background allows her to execute digital marketing campaigns from branding to social media.


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45 Important Texas Holdem Poker Terms to Know About

Texas Holdem Poker is one of the most popular poker types played worldwide, especially in casual and professional scenes. I’ve played poker for a couple of years, and it’s one of those communities that introduced me to many career and personal opportunities.  Although I consider myself an insider, knowing who’s who and what’s what, poker…

An Explanation on Why You Should Process the Damn Gift Certificate

I saw this post on Facebook and wanted to add to this conversation as a marketing professional. I usually post my opinions on Facebook, but I believe that I needed to adequately format my ideas. If I were to give the cashier the benefit of the doubt, I believe the main issue is the communication…

How to Write Simple Emails and Letters for Effective and Strong Communication

Freelancers need to convey effective communication, which is one of the primary reasons companies hold verbal interviews in search of talent. Your inventiveness, talents, and proficiencies are nothing without the ability to inform people about them. You must effectively articulate ideas and concepts with your colleagues and superiors in remote work settings. Poor communication skills…

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