How to Take Care of Your Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos offer a unique aesthetic due to its vibrant colors and soft finish. Before getting a tattoo, you are advised to have it applied to an area that is not prone to scratching or chafing. After which you are then expected to follow specific aftercare procedures to maintain its color and structure.

The tips I’m about to share with you can apply to tattoos in general, and not just watercolor ones.

Here are some guidelines to remember:

Within 24 hours of getting your tattoo

Many people often report that freshly applied tattoos are similar to wounds because of the time it takes to carefully apply needles upon the skin. Considering that a person’s skin is home to multiple nerve endings, it’s hard to ignore the different sensations that one feels after undergoing a tattooing session.

To help your skin heal, here are some aftercare tips to follow:

1. Apply aftercare balm

One important product that every tattoo owner should invest in prior to getting a tattoo done is an aftercare balm. It’s a product that helps keep your skin heal after your tattooing session while also preserving the color of your watercolor tattoo.

2. Wash off first round of aftercare balm after an hour

After an hour of applying your aftercare for an hour, wash it off with lukewarm water gently and slowly. You can use unscented soap or baby bath soap.

3. Air dry, pat with a towel and reapply balm thinly

After rinsing off the balm, allow your skin to air dry for a few minutes. Follow it up by gently patting it with a towel, just make sure to avoid getting fibers into your tattoo. Apply a thin layer of aftercare balm once your skin is dry.

After 24 hours general guidelines

1. Let the tattoo heal naturally

Certain people may experience various signs and symptoms within the next 24 hours of getting a tattoo. This includes redness, soreness, and scabbing which is completely normal. However, to prevent infection, avoid picking on your scabs which can leave a scar if you’re not careful.

2. Wash area with gentle soap

To soothe wounds and scabs, wash your tattoo area with lukewarm water and gentle soap. To avoid stinging, invest in using gentle products like unscented soaps or baby-safe soaps to help your skin adjust to its new appearance. You can also use mild baby bath soaps.

3. Don’t rub when drying

After washing your tattoo area, avoid rubbing your skin with a towel as your tattoo is still very sensitive. As much as possible, pat very gently or let it air dry instead. It’s very tempting to pick at the moist scabs, but it would also damage the watercolor design.

When it’s about to heal

1. Remove scabs carefully and don’t force

Within the next few days, your scabs will start to heal and eventually harden over time. To prevent scarring, allow them to heal naturally and avoid picking on them as much as possible as it can pull off the ink and leave scars.

2. Use non-whitening moisturizing healing lotion

During this stage, you can now use moisturizing lotion to help facilitate the healing process. Since watercolor tattoos are vibrant and colorful, avoid using whitening lotion as it can cause it to fade.


Similar to traditional tattoos, watercolor tattoos require a series of aftercare steps to ensure that they last for a very long time. When properly taken care of, your watercolor tattoo will stay vibrant and attractive. Similar to art and fashion, having a symbol allows you to express yourself freely without limitations. Do you have a tattoo? What did you do to speed up the healing process?

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