3 Important Life Lessons You Should Get Before Your 30s

Your 20s is considered as one of the most life-changing decades of your life. If there were three things I could tell my younger self, it would be these simple yet expensive lessons..

Most people think that you only live once, so you have to take your chances and carpe diem all your way to death. When you act upon the fear that you only have one chance at life, you tend to do things out of impulse and miss out on very important lessons that you need to carry with you in the next decades.

Here are just some of the most important lessons you may encounter before hitting your 30s:

Lesson 1: Prioritize your Peace of Mind

When you’re in your 20s, it feels like nothing could possibly break you. I spent the majority of my 20s staying up late, prioritizing video games and drinking, mostly due to the fear of missing out. In my late 20s, I spent a good amount of time regretting half of my impulsive and fun-driven decisions. Through all of those, I learned that there is no greater investment than peace of mind.

Peace of mind is a state wherein worries or problems don’t affect your moods, thoughts or feelings. When you prioritize your peace of mind, you get a chance to reflect on your life better. To get peace, you should be avoiding chaos, drama, and other conflicts, no matter how exciting.

Having peace allows you to do the following:

  • Enables you to keep a cool head despite the number of challenges in life
  • Lets you sleep better at night
  • Allows you to honestly access your innermost thoughts and feelings
  • Gives you the chance to know yourself better amidst all the noise and chaos in the world

Basically, the first lesson you should learn before you are 30 is that you should prioritize peace and serenity.

Lesson 2: Set Your Own Standard

An important lesson to understand in your 20s is to set your own standards. You shouldn’t allow yourself to be intimidated or pressured by the success of other people; likewise, you shouldn’t strive to live their life. Social media like Instagram and Facebook has led people to believe that people should have carefully-curated lives, but real life is not like that.

One of the most toxic things you can do to yourself is comparing according to other people’s standards. Everybody has a different starting line. You may have started with two parents, while others start with only one or none at all. Parents aside, everyone has a different journey and it’s important to keep it in mind.

Here are some reasons why you should be setting your own standard:

  • You can focus on your own path, your own career, and your own success.
  • You won’t be distracted with comparisons to other people’s careers, relationships, and successes.
  • You won’t chase after the standards of other people, like your parents, siblings, loved one or friends.
  • You won’t regret being someone else just to satisfy other people’s perception of how you should be.

Basically, the second lesson you should learn before you are 30 is making sure that you adhere to your own self-imposed standard, based on your own abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Lesson 3: Failure is Only Permanent When You Don’t Learn from It

The last and most important lesson of all is accepting failures and keeping in mind that most mistakes are temporary. This can range from small occurrences like failing to meet a project deadline and important events like being unable to reach a goal you worked so hard on.

When you’re in your 20s, you tend to be harder on yourself than anyone. You find yourself looking at your peers and comparing how your classmates are pursuing successful careers and relationships. You find yourself checking the 30 under 30s list and seeing that your net worth doesn’t even come close to theirs.

One common issue is developing a tunnel vision for your mistakes and zeroing in on your shortcomings. You don’t see their failures, only yours. This kind of perception is not only going to cripple your self-esteem, but it’s also going to become a blocker in your own journey. The best thing to do is to learn from your failures and focus on getting something good out of your mistakes.

When you have a win or learn attitude, you will find yourself doing the following:

  • Using hurdles and obstacles as stepping stones
  • Having patience on yourself, and on others
  • Being more forgiving on your mistakes, and on others
  • Being more secure about your own path, and trusting the pace that you’re going

Basically, the last lesson you should learn is not getting too fixated on failures and mistakes; and allowing yourself to stand up after a bad fall.

Focus on Your Journey

Whether it’s deciding what is good for you or facing something you wish to ignore, these lessons will help you grow into a more self-assured and confident person which is irreplaceable. Let me know the lessons you learned in your 20s and how these help in molding you to become the person you are today!

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